Monday, October 13, 2008

Wall Street, Halloween, and a Presidential Election

What do these have in common? Your fall marketing campaign! This October, these are the things on people’s minds as well. Coordinate an email campaign, a postcard mailing campaign, and related blog entries. Some effective marketing themes are:

· Don’t be tricked by a bad economy, many treats await in our local housing market

· Not a ghost of chance you can own a home? – call us today for some surprising options

· Homes a plenty await in a buyer’s market! (create a Cornucopia image, with homes coming out)

Playing on the contrast of Wall St. vs. Main St. in the recent economic tumult and on the election, email campaigns might be developed with messages such as:

· Get your new Main Street address

· Welcome to Main St, USA – your new home awaits!

· Let the $7500 tax credit assure your new Main St. address

· Don’t let John or Barack be the only Americans with a new address this January

· Cast your vote for a strong economy – buy a home!

· The votes are in! 2008 is a great time to buy a home!

Do all these ideas seem overwhelming? Contact Best Agent Business today and see how easy it is to have us get you started!